Over time, there are those, in our estimation, who through the example of their lives, rise far above the masses.

They each lived during a time when the culture in which they were living did not welcome them. They were people who had shown strength and courage.  They each struggled to bring truth to light when injustices prevailed. 

We can not even imagine what it must have been like to have been Jackie Robinson.  All that has been said of this heroic life just does not do justice that the fiber of this great giant of courage.

One has only to speak the name Mother Teresa and one becomes inwardly silenced when faced with the truth of this woman’s life.

The great reformer, Martin Luther, struggled with the injustices of his time.  Trusting only in the Word of God, Luther found the strength to speak out about the corruption in a church he both loved and never intended to leave.

As a child I took great interest in reading about Booker T. Washington while attending a little one room school in Northern Wisconsin. I was far removed from the area of the country in which Booker T. Washington grew up. But his courage spoke to me.

Recently I read the book, Breaking Night by Liz Murray. It was inspiring to me.

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